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Comdex Overview

Introducing Comdex

A DeFi infrastructure layer for the Cosmos ecosystem. A layer-1 infrastructure for seamless deployment of DeFi applications in the Cosmos ecosystem, powering DeFi in the multi-chain future.

Comdex launched with a vision to democratize and revolutionize the commodities trade industry, one of the oldest and largest industries in the global economy. The Comdex chain is built to enable bridging of capital to assets across the DeFi and CeFi ecosystems. A truly decentralised ecosystem of solutions enables limitless access to global liquidity in finance.

Comdex aims to deliver a robust infrastructure layer that supports seamless creation and deployment of DeFi applications in the Cosmos ecosystem. The Comdex chain enhances investor’s access to a broad range of assets that help investors diversify and generate yield on their investments.

The Chain

Plug & play customizable Comdex modules to deliver bleeding edge dApps

CDP module:

Enables creation of debt assets through collateralisation of IBC-enabled assets

Asset tokenization module:

Tokenization of real-world assets as on-chain NFTs


An AMM-based exchange to facilitate swapping of Comdex ecosystem assets with IBC-enabled assets.

P2P Exchange:

Enables creation of P2P marketplaces for the exchange of assets in the Comdex ecosystem.

The Comdex Ecosystem

Enterprise trade:

A B2B application built to tokenize real-world commodity assets and facilitate instant trade, settlements and financing.


A synthetics application to enable the creation and exchange of synthetic assets using IBC-enables assets as collateral


An IBC-native collateralised lending protocol. Coming soon…


Digitization & exchange of ownership of commodity trade finance debt. Coming soon…


An IBC-enabled stablecoin, native to the Comdex ecosystem. Coming soon…

The CMDX Token


Native token of the Comdex chain, used to collect fees on utilisation of modules on the chain.


Securing the protocol by powering the staking economy of the chain.


Rewards for liquidity mining and early adoption


Drive key decisions for the protocol via proposals

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